Automate the boring

Replace procedural, monotonous tasks with automated recipes. Why spend time and brain power doing the same thing more than once?

With the Omni Recipe Builder, you can automate any logical task within a web browser.

Inspire the creative

It’s hard to see the forest through the trees.

Once you automate away your monotonous tasks and get back a significant amount of time, your brain is free to double down on creative and strategic work.

Knowledge Work + Automation

The details make the difference. Our solution keeps the human at the helm to provide robust task augmentation on demand.

Task Parallelization

You’ve never been able to browse the web in parallel before now. Imagine unlimited copies of yourself that can work on whatever’s most important at a moment’s notice.


By automating repetitive, monotonous web tasks, you can remove human error and increase quality of work.

Private Beta

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